10 Unique Engagement Rings for the Extraordinary Bride

10 Unique Engagement Rings for the

These engagement rings are perfect for the woman who marches to the beat of her own drum. The woman who isn’t used to blending in with the crowd. Some women need a ring as unique and interesting as they are. They don’t care about carats or price, and they don’t need their man to pay three months salary for a piece of jewelry. So here are some perfect rings for your special lady.


Tiny Wheat Engagement Set

tiny wheat engagement

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Yellow Gold & Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring

yellow gold and diamond solitaire ring

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MANIAMANIA, loveadorned.com


Aurelia Ring

aurelia ring

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Lauren Wolf, catbirdnyc.com


Turquoise & Black Diamond Fringe Ring

Black Diamond and Turquoise

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Glass Tablet & Paste Ring

antique rings

Source: luckymag


Olivia Collings Antique Jewelry, Barneys.com


Heart to Heart Ring

heart to heart ring

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Sabine G., luisaviaroma.com


Fleur de Lis Diamond Ring

fleur de lis diamond ring

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Yellow Gold & Diamond Wedding Band


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MANIAMANIA, loveadorned.com


Phoenix Rocky Solitaire Ring

phoenix rocky solitaire ring

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Dimension Double Ring

DIMENSION double ring

Source: themaniamania