12 Ways to Dress Like a Modern Bohemian Hippie

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Society is turning back the clock when it comes to style, as the Bohemian hippie style is now the new cool trend. Everywhere we go people are wearing free flowing clothing, and seemingly worn out jeans. In most cases, these individuals seem to be very at ease, and confident. Perhaps a more relaxed fashion sense just inspires confidence, in an easy, breezy kind of way.

Looking good can make us feel good.  Here are 12 tips that’ll help you refine that modern day Bohemian hippie look you’ve been longing for:

1. Jewelry


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For a hip look, go with chunky, beaded or natural jewelry.

There is no shortage of outlets when it comes to jewelry. Vintage looking baubles can be found in the most up to date fashion boutique and modern thrift stores, not to mention online. Chunky doesn’t have to mean gaudy cheap bobbles, though they are acceptable. Earthy designs such as hemp with shells are also perfectly appropriate. Layering it up is not a bad idea either.


2. Real Vintage Clothing


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Authentic Vintage clothing is Bohemian hippie gold.

Those fortunate enough to find actual 1970s era clothing have found an apparel goldmine. Today’s fashion empires are simply duplicating the clothes of that time with a few twists. Actual 5 to 6 decade old T-shirts with 1970s cartoon characters, TV shows stars, cereal mascots, and more are priceless and worth showing off.  Pair it with a blue jean or plaid jacket and you are vintage chic for sure!


3. Well Worn Flare Leg Jeans


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A pair of well-worn bell bottom or flare leg jeans are the perfect start to a Bohemian ensemble.

Nothing says relaxed quite as much as a well-worn pair of jeans. The flared or belled bottom legs give a free-flowing look that compliments any other hippie apparel or accessories. They can be paired with anything from a cardigan to a t-shirt and look perfectly fine. A pair of faded out denim is a true necessity in the closet of anyone going for a Bohemian look.


4. Comfortable Tunics and Vests


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Tunics and open vests are a great way to look both dressed up and relaxed.

A laid-back Bohemian look can also be perfectly acceptable in a higher profile environment. Simply wear a nice tunic or loose fitting shirt, paired with a vest, unbuttoned of course.  Pair a bold shirt with a patterned vest, or use some soothing earth tones for a neutral look. This look can fit in almost anywhere a more dressed up version of Bohemian hippie is needed.


5. The Scarf


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A colorful or earth tone scarf in silk or wool is the perfect Bohemian accent.

A great addition to any Bohemian ensemble is a scarf. It can be a warm woolen scarf with fringe, or a colorful silk scarf to add a flash of color to an earth tone outfit. The main thing is to make sure the scarf is soft, comfortable and fits our mood. It can even be a different pattern from the rest of your clothes, just to add a unique element.


6. A Cool Hat

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Floppy hats, Beanies and Berets are all excellent examples of a perfect Bohemian hippie style hat.

Any outfit can benefit from the addition of some type of hat. Floppy hats can be mysterious, partially concealing our face from view. Beanies just symbolize a fun loving, free spirited look.  The Beret is completely versatile. It has been both a military helm, and the headwear of choice for artists going back to Da Vinci.


7. A Hip Handbag


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Bohemian hipsters have to have a hip looking bag to really set off an ensemble.

A Coach bag just doesn’t have the flair that a vintage or modern hip bag does. Some come with adjustable straps, others are one length. Both allow quick, easy access to ID, cash, cards, and makeup; plus, they hold our mobile device, brush, and a few other things. Hip bags come in canvas, hemp and leather. They are also available in a variety of colors, sizes, styles and patterns.


8. Maxi Skirts


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A long flowy skirt, paired with a baggy sweater, ankle boots and a floppy hat screams hip.

A maxi skirt is one of the most versatile pieces of a hip outfit. They can be paired with sweaters, t-shirts, a blouse, tank top, loose jacket and more. There are many different designs and colors available, so it invites a virtually limitless look.  The goal is comfort, with a cool, laid back style. Maxi skirts made of soft, airy materials have that perfect willowy Bohemian appeal to create exactly that look.


9. Play with Patterns


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Mix up colors, patterns and relaxed styles to create a perfect Bohemian outfit.

The Bohemian look is all about being comfortable and free spirited in clothing. Get creative and mix it up when picking the outfit of the day. Throw in a flashy paisley scarf with some earth tones, or go with a bold shirt and neutral scarf. Those feeling extraordinary can even try some plaid pants to really make a statement.


10. Fabrics


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Light, airy fabrics make the perfect Bohemian tunics and clothing.

When it comes to Bohemian clothing, light, flowy fabrics are the favored materials. Tunics, slacks, shirts and such are made from cotton, gauze, wool and leather. Some shirts, vests, jackets and boots even have a rough fur trim for contrast. Men cannot go wrong with a simple gauze, embroidered tunic.


11. Handmade Items


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Nothing says unique like a handmade piece of jewelry or clothing.

The thing about having something handmade is that no one else will have an exact replica. Handmade items are always going to have a unique quality. The Bohemian style thrives on cool trinkets like necklaces or bracelets made from natural material and shells. Handmade scarves are another great item to wear to get that eclectic look.


12. Belt It


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The belt is going to hold up those denims, so make sure it’s cool and comfortable.

A stylish belt will hold the entire Bohemian look together. There are lots of styles to choose from. Some of made of woven cloth, others are earth tones in leather with accents. Choose a belt with tiny metal studs, shells or a unique stitched pattern. As long as it goes with theme of the ensemble, it will be a perfect fit.

These 12 suggestions come together to create the perfect modern Bohemian hippie ensemble. The style is all about individuality, along with being comfortable and confident. Choose the types of clothing that feel right for your independent look. Just do not be afraid to mix up the styles with splashes of color and different materials.