13 Best Office Pranks You Can Pull And Probably Not Be Fired


Source: Imelda Bettinger
Whether you have just been pranked in the workplace or are looking to get a good laugh from someone that annoys you, these are the top 13 office pranks you can put to good use. They will go just far enough to get the reaction you were looking for, but most likely not far enough to get you fired. Prank wars are known to be fun with your buddies in some offices so whenever you have the itch to do another prank, check this list and see if you can pull it off! Good luck and happy pranking!


1. Fill Their Office with Balloons

Office filled with balloons as prank

Source: Reddit-williebeth
You will have an excuse to use this prank on one of your coworker’s birthdays, but it really can be done regardless of the occasion. Make sure you are pulling this prank on a buddy that you know will have a sense of humor in your office, or throw caution to the wind and use it on someone that gets on your last nerve. If you choose the latter option to be sure to get several people in the office involved, and possibly a boss in order to make sure you are covered against any backlash. Then, have everyone get together and blow up different colored balloons until they fill your coworker’s office entirely. Walking to their desk will be impossible, and it’ll surely annoy them –  all in the name of celebration of course!


2. Put Their Stapler in Jello

Jello stapler office prank

Source: SchoolLockers
Next time your coworker reaches for their stapler, and it’s stuck in the middle of jello, you’re going to get quite a reaction. Take your coworker’s stapler home and put it in the midst of some Tupperware. Then, fill the tub with jello and refrigerate it overnight until it has solidified.
Be sure to get to work early before your coworker arrives, and place the large piece of circular jello on their desk. Make sure that you do this to a colleague with a great sense of humor. Otherwise someone could play the harassment card. Yes, such an innocent joke to some could be considered something more serious. But, with the right person, they will enjoy a good laugh or two, and maybe even have some Jello with their lunch.


3. Mess with Their Desktop Wallpaper

Wallpaper Prank

Source: ScreenPranks
Your coworkers desktop wallpaper gives you endless opportunities to drive them crazy. If you are the slightest bit techy, you’ll be able to pull off a lot while your coworker is in the restroom. They’ll be quite surprised to come back and find Miley Cyrus twerking on their desktop screen.  If you’re savvy, you can flip the wallpaper upside down and take them for a loop. This simple idea is the perfect prank to cause confusion for your coworker, and a whole lot of fun for you.


4. Sticky Note Their Car

Sticky note car prank

Source: SodaHead
Place a bunch of sticky notes all over their car for a real shock factor. This is a tough task to pull off alone, so you may want to recruit several coworkers to help you accomplish it. A good job will include completely covering every inch of their car with sticky notes, including the rims, tires, and even the roof. This is a colorful prank and will take your coworker at least an hour to fully take off, and hopefully even longer to figure out who did it. You can rest assured that it won’t cause any damage to the car either.


5. Mess with the Photocopy Machine

photocopy machine

Source: Instructables
In this prank, you will first put either a hilarious or super scary photo underneath the scanner door.  That way, when your coworker opens the machine to photocopy something of their own, they will either laugh or scream. This is a friendly joke that you can play on just about anyone, especially if you know what really will rile them up. Let’s say you know your coworker has a fear of spiders than a photo of a black widow would do just the trick to getting their heart pumping, and leave you laughing. Try not to do this to a boss, though, because such short-term laughter will not be worth the possible long term hell if this prank is not taken well.


6. Make Some Caramel Onions

caramel onions

Source: BoredPanda
Your coworker is in for a real treat with this onion disguised as a caramel candied apple. This is probably on the meaner side of workplace pranks, especially if your coworkers do not like onions. Dip an onion in thick caramel as you would a candied apple, and then leave them in the break room.  If you present them to a specific coworker, please keep in mind that a retaliation prank is likely headed your way. So proceed with caution and expect quite a few tears to be shed, and may we suggest that the ideal time to do this would without a doubt be April Fool’s Day.


7. Rubber-band Your Coworkers Phone

Rubber-band your coworkers phone

Source: ThriftyOfficeFurniture
There are numerous jobs where you have to clock in and out through the phone, but what happens if your phone is rubber banded?  This can cause great entertainment as your coworker races to another phone with the sheer desperation of being able to clock in on time. Once they have clocked in and are back to their desk, try calling their phone over and over. Due to not being able to pick up the phone, they will most likely walk over to you as the likely culprit. We suggest telling them you were just kidding, and then be a pal and help remove the rubber bands with them, while you two can laugh about their frantic run down the hall to find a place to clock in.


8. Wrap Their Office

Gift Wrapped Cubicle Prank

Source: SCDSOctagon
The perfect time to wrap your coworker’s cubicle and everything in it like a present is either a) Christmas or b) their birthday. In both scenarios, you usually have complete clearance to be wrapping things like presents, but in this prank, you will take it to the limit. First, you will wrap everything on their desk into individual gifts, then finish it off by fully wrapping their whole cubical. If you like them, we suggest a present inside, so they have to unwrap all the items on their desk to find their real present. If you do not like them, well, you had fun doing it, and they will hate undoing it. Win-Win for you!


9. “That’s Not My Bag.”

Not my bad

Source: TheCoolector
Get an old gym bag that no one has ever seen you use and fill it with lube, hemorrhoid cream, extra large underwear and teen magazines. Include a magnet that you get from a vacation shop or a company business card with the person’s name on it. You can tell the office staff to play along in the prank to embarrass people. Have the office ask if it is anyone’s bag and everyone will say no. Eventually, someone will open it and find your chosen coworkers name in the bag. It will be hilarious for you to see your colleague trying to talk their way out of this one when their name is clearly on the evidence.


10. Tie Their Drawer Shut

Tie their drawer shut

Source: HomeImprovementInsights
What could be more frustrating than being locked out of important files you need to get your job done. If there is a particular drawer that your coworker uses daily, then this is the perfect prank for you to do. You can remove the drawer above to access the lower drawer and wire it shut from the inside. If you want to drive them crazy wire it so the drawer can open just enough that their hand can’t fit inside. That way, when your coworker comes in for the day and is ready to work they can’t. The drawer with all of the client files is suddenly locked, and the struggle is on.


11. Invisible Ink

Invisible ink

Source: Nanarokom
With this prank, your coworker will be spending all day trying to figure out why every single pen they have is out of ink. You can accomplish this in no time, and if there are not any cameras watching you, one would be hard pressed to know who did it. All you have to do is paint the tip of every pen and pencil your coworker has at their desk with clear nail polish. The next day when they go to write nothing will show, and they will reach for the next and next and next pen to no avail.


12. Photoshop Deviltry

Photoshopped face prank

Source: Genius
Wreck havoc on your coworker’s favorite memories with a little photoshop trickery. If your colleague leaves their desktop open, and you are a photoshop pro, take the desktop photos of their family and mess with them a little bit. You can switch individual family members around, or change the appearance of just one, at your discretion.  Another suggestion is having some of their favorite selfies morphed with a monkey body or elephant face. When they decide to open it up to browse through some memories, imagine the look on their face when they see that they have been morphed into some animal!


13. Something Stinky

smelly prank

Source: Playbuzz
This will take a group effort and is preferably done on someone that annoys most of your coworkers, but who will also have a good laugh if you are planning to tell them at the end.  Every time you are around this particular coworker, all of a sudden start acting like you smell something stinky and then ask the colleague if they smell it too. The second person in on this office prank will then go an hour or two later and mention the same thing to them.  Continue this throughout the day, and the person will start to think it is them! Just be aware someone’s feelings are likely going to be hurt, so be ready lend some emotional support.
These are the funniest pranks to pull off and the easiest to create. Remember to find someone that has a seriously incredible sense of humor or that has started prank wars with you. If the coworker you are targeting just drives you crazy, we suggest one of the easier ones. These will not get you caught as quickly, such as the jello stapler or the ‘who smells joke’. Be sure to watch your back after completing one of these because you may have just started an exciting and hilarious prank war!