14 Nontraditional and Creative Valentine’s Day Date Ideas


Dinner and a movie are great, but let’s face it, not super creative. Plus, getting a dinner reservation on February 14th can be next to the impossible. So do yourself and your date a favor, and go with one of these more intimate options for a truly memorable day.

Overnight Backpacking Trip


Source: adventure-journal
Overnight backpacking trip. For the right couple, few things bring you closer than good old-fashioned self-reliance. So pack your backpacks with all the essentials (plus a surprise bottle of champagne) and hit the trail. Sleeping under the stars is an added romantic perk.

Take Pottery Class


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Take a pottery class together. Everyone knows there’s no hotter movie scene than the pot-throwing scene in Ghost, so sign up for a class and recreate the classic. Plus, you will end up with a handmade memento of you love.

Take Cooking Class


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Take a cooking class together. Learn some new skills in the kitchen, and enjoy making a gourmet meal with a little guidance. You’ll never feel fancier!


Skip V-Day


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In a long-term relationship? Skip V-Day altogether and put the money you would have spent on a date night in a jar to use for future adventures as a couple. It’s an investment in your relationship that your future selves will thank you for.


Adopt a Pet



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Ready for something big-time? Consider adopting a pet together, and use Valentine’s Day to go pick one out. If you are ready for the lifetime commitment of pet-parenting, what better day to mark the occasion than the day of love. Just remember to make it a rescue!


Join Local CSA


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Join a local CSA. Community Supported Agriculture programs are a great way to share the love with a local grower while providing the opportunity for you and your loved-one to try some new things together. Kohlrabi, anyone?


House Project


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Do that house project you have been putting off, but do it together. Put on some music and paint the living room. Pop some champagne and re-pot the houseplants. Turn that mundane project that’s been hanging over your head into some quality couple time, where you both contribute to improving your living space.

 Life Adventure List


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Make a life list. While everyone else is out having dinner and going to the movies, sit down together with a nice notebook and plan out all the things you want to do together to celebrate your love on all the rest of the days of the year. Include everything big and small, from checking out that new coffee shop on the corner to that trip to Rome you’ve always wanted to take. Writing things down is scientifically proven to increase the likelihood of them happening!

Get a Piercing or Tattoo


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Want to do something really crazy? Go get a piercing or a tattoo together. You don’t have to get anything matching (we don’t recommend it!) but being there to hold each other’s hands during the appointment can be super sweet.

Cook For Family and Friends


Source: atelierchristine
Hang out with your family. Have a single parent or grandparent or friend who likely won’t have Valentine’s Day plans? Cook them dinner! Love comes in many forms, and what’s more loving than being there for those who have been there for you?

Rent an Airbnb


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Discover a new style of living by renting out a unique and romantic Airbnb for a night. Airbnb has many different homes to rent that make for great staycations or short weekend trips. Find an adventurous tree house or that perfect Italian villa you’ve always wanted to live in.





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Volunteer together. Go help out at a beach cleanup. Do an inventory at your local food pantry. Walk dogs at the shelter. Doing volunteer work releases endorphins and increases self-confidence. Find something you can do together and do good by giving back. Making a regular commitment to a local volunteer program is even better!

Romantic Night In Paris Without Leaving Home


Get creative and pretend you and your lover flew thousands of miles on a romantic getaway in the “City of Light.” Create a romantic ambiance with Parisian-style decorations, music, and French cuisine. Embrace the corniness and have fun playing around with the experience. Maybe learn a few French words to make the night feel really authentic. Here’s a line to get you started- Tu as de très beaux yeux. (“You have beautiful eyes.”)


 Learn to Brew


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Take a home-brewing class together. It’s a fun and unique experience that will draw you two closer together, plus you’ll learn to brew your own special beer that you can later enjoy together!