15 Super Awkward Dads

I think we can all agree that dads are awesome, especially the awkward ones. They just seem to have a way with cheesy jokes, terrible fashion choices, and bad haircuts that make our days that much better. Let’s celebrate our dads today by admiring these hilarious father photos!

awk dads2

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Lets all hope that she takes after her mom.

awk dads 1

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My first wish will be… that you take that leaf off of your head.

awk dads 3

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This picture is a slam dunk.

awk dads 4

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In this dads defense, the whole family is kind of whacked out.

awk dads 6

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Oh, this must be from his audition tape for Survivor.

awk dads 7

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Imagine getting this Christmas card in the mail.

awk dads 8

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Hmm… you’d think with that tracksuit he would be a bit quicker.

awk dads 9

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Yes, you never safer than when your in your fathers arms…

awk dads 10

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I feel bad for whoever’s holding the camera.

awk dads 11

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Yeah, you definitely should wear the shirt to the photo shoot today. Great idea, dad!

awk dads 13

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Getting naked in a trash can is bad enough. Why’d he have to bring his baby with him?

awk dads 12

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“Okay, dad. Love you too…Can you put me down now”


awk dads 14

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Well this isn’t weird or anything.


awk dads 15

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“Hey honey, you have to chug because my cigarette’s about to ash on your head”


awk dads 16

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He doesn’t look guilty or anything…