16 Awkward Sorority Photos

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Nowadays it’s easy to get into a sorority. You just have to sleep with the right guys, handle a few Jell-O shots, and hold your sister’s hair back when she’s throwing up. Sounds simple, right?

Too bad when you take an embarrassing photo today, the internet will never forget, even if you do.


The Mega-V


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“My like bar tab last night was like $72. Like, I don’t understand why boys weren’t buying me drinks.”

By your powers combined, I am Mega Meat Wallet! All women are created equal… some just make better choices. These girls didn’t.


How To Greet A Sorority Girl


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“I almost got into a fistfight with this girl today. She was whipping her scarf around, and it hooked onto my nose ring and yanked it out.”

Making lifelong rivalries. Because class isn’t just something, you attend. And these girls must have taken a semester off.


“Get Away From Me” Lean


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Showing just how fake you can be with your flexibility skills.

You can tell how fake a girl is and how much she hates her sorority sister by how far back she leans when doing the Skinny Arm pose next to each other.


Calling Them A Dumb Blonde Would Be A Compliment


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Obviously, they’re not English majors.

This is how you properly greet a sorority girl.


The Different Selfies Of A Sorority Girl


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Check out the sorority girls in their natural habitat.

I’m pretty this image captures every type of sorority girl. The selfie, the food selfie, the duck lip selfie, and the less known eating like no one’s looking.


Insert Inappropriate Taco Joke Below


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“Our whole chapter is close; I could tell you every girl’s first and last name.”

The mild, hot, sorority girls. Because you want everyone to know that you come by the dozens, and guys just want you when they’re drunk at 3 AM. Every frat guy needs a few one-night stands.


Even Cats Know


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“We love getting ready together before all of the cocktails and mixers!”

You have to be kitten me! How cats feel about sorority girls.


How To Spot A Sorority


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“I don’t like coffee. Only pumpkin spice lattes.”

Be careful not to get in their way of them and a Starbucks…Because they will stampede once pumpkin spice lattes are in season.


Would You Like Fries With That?


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Sororities: helping prepare girls for the rest of their lives…as waitresses.

Helping women building up upper body strength for those heavy trays of food.


1, 2, 3… Jump!

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“We weren’t ready yet.”

You would think that after getting their menstrual cycles together, they could at least jump at the same time.


This Isn’t What She Meant When She Said Drop Out


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“My feet are killing me.”

Nobody tells girls to wear high heels…But they still do it.

Some Girls Are Just Meant to Sail–er… Fail.


Teach Them Young


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“I mean…I wasn’t that drunk.”

Teaching your sister young. That’s real sisterhood.


Leave No Sister Behind


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“Oh my god that’s the place I blacked out and had to go to the hospital. It’s SO much fun!”

Go Greek or go home! The best thing to hold onto in life is each other.

The funny thing is that the one in the middle was supposed to be the sober sis.

The Sorority Squat


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Gravity always seems to get a lot stronger when sorority girls take a photo.

May the shortest one win the game.


The Arm Hip


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“I don’t like her. Like, we all know you’re skinny and pretty…COOL. I have a better personality.”

One arm on the hips can make you look skinnier…But two on the hips can get you look like a total beeyotch.