18 ‘Life is Beautiful’ Moments

 We all have those moments in life where we experience something that truly touches us; I like to call these ‘Life is Beautiful’ moments. When we are exposed to moments such as those it makes us want to be a better person. It perpetuates positivity throughout the world. So here are some pictures to spread the love.

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These men are volunteers who collect money for a charity called Passage. Passage provides food, clothes, jobs, rehab facilities, and even art therapy for homeless in London, England.



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This is a note written by a homeless veteran to the kind soul who let him stay in their apartment for the night.


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This cast member at Disneyland has an autograph book full of the signatures of little princesses and princes that visit the park every day.



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In Turkey, the city of Corum distributed cat houses to primary schools all over. Students will leave food and water at theses houses for stray cats everyday on their way to school.


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Basque athlete, Ivan Fernandez Anaya and bronze Olympic medalist, Abel Mutai, were both competing in a cross country race. As they were approaching the finishing line the clear leader, Abel, stopped short of the finish line by about 10 meters, thinking he had already crossed it. Anaya quickly caught up to Abel, then guided him to the finish line and let him cross first.


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 This is CNN anchor Anderson Cooper rescuing a Haitian boy caught in the middle of a bloody, chaotic scene.


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I can feel my faith in humanity being restored!

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Spencer Zimmerman, a 13-year-old boy in Arizona, pushed himself so that he could help his friend Dayton, who is diagnosed with cerebral palsy, participate in a triathlon.  Spencer biked 21 miles, swam 500 yards, and ran 3.2 miles taking Dayton with him along the way.


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This little boy from Illinois won $1000 then donated all of it to his next door neighbor fighting leukemia.


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A woman walking into a store was stopped by a man who said, “You probably don’t remember me. I see you walk down this street a few times a week and you always give a dollar to at least one homeless person; You’ve given me at least 30 dollars over the past six months. I finally found a job and a place to live. Thanks.” He then handed the woman a 50 dollar bill and walked away.


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 300 Phoenix police officers attended the kindergarten graduation of a fallen officer’s daughter.


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 In memory of Nelson Mandela, the Empire State Building made its lights the color of the South African Flag.


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 Make-A-Wish announced that pro wrestler, John Cena, has granted 400 wishes; the highest number of wishes for any celebrity ever.


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Here a police officer goes out of her way to help a mother duck rescue her ducklings who have fallen into the sewer.


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A teenage boy, Vladimir Maksimov saw a puppy drowning in flood waters. Not only did he save the dogs life by jumping in the water after him, he also adopted the pup and named him Lucky.


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The voice actor that plays Winnie the Pooh uses his Winnie voice to call children in cancer wards and brighten their day.


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A family won 161 million pounds in a Euro Millions and used some of their money to buy a new prosthetic limb for an Olympic torch bearer who had lost his leg to cancer.


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 Cameron Lyle, a college athlete, had to make a choice; whether he would donate bone marrow to a total stranger with leukemia or playing in the championship he had worked toward for 8 years. He then ended his athletic career to save a strangers life.