20 Futuristic Kitchen Appliances You Won’t Believe Exist: It’s like We’re the Jetsons!


Behold! The kitchen of the future… Or is it the kitchen of the now? All of these appliances seem as if they belong in a science fiction movie but they exist in our world right now. You’re not going to believe some of the stuff that’s out there. Go check out these ingenious inventions for yourself!




Source: getperes

Peres is food poisoning’s worst nightmare! It can detect what kind of meat you’re eating and the freshness of it, just by the scent. Peres uses Bluetooth technology to desplay detailed results right onto your smart phone.


Top Brewer

top Brewer

Source: amazonaws

Top Brewer looks like your average sink faucet but it it is anything but average. This machine makes gourmet coffee through a connected iPad or an app on your smartphone. The device is totally hassle free, it allows you to customize your drinks and self cleans after every use.



Source: digitaltrends

Monsieur is the first robotic bartender ever made. Just find your perfect drink on the screen and this crazy wooden box will make it shaken or stirred to perfection. It costs a whopping $1500 but makes up to 300 signature cocktails.




Source: beyondtherack

The Rollie doesn’t only make eggs, it will cook pretty much anything for you in it’s unique tube shape and it’s only $30. You can look up Rollie pizza and sausage recipes online. Kids love it!

Sonic Decanter

sonic decanter

Source: sonicdecanter

The Sonic Decanter makes every wine taste better. It uses ultrasonic energy to transform the molecular and chemical structure of wine. And you can do all this while your wine is still corked!




Source: gosunstove

This solar oven uses no fuel or flames and can heat up to 550 degrees! It even works on a cloudy day. Gosun is a clean, healthy, quick way to cook in nature. And for every five that are bought one is donated to third world family in need.

Cover Blubber

cover blubber

Source: laughingsquid

This crazy alien goo looking stuff can coat pretty much anything. Bowls, fruits, veggies, anything you want. It’s reusable, which makes it environment friendly, and works well.


App Controlled Slow Cooker

app controlled slow cooker

Source: blogspot

This way you can keep an eye on dinner while you’re out. Or even start it from the office so that there’s a meal ready for the family when everyone gets home form their busy days. So simple and useful!

Memory by Wenyao Cai


Source: electrolux

This ingenious device can recognize hand prints. Once it detects your hand print it remembers how exactly you like your coffee. Then brews you the perfect cup for you.


Verilux Clean Wave


Source: tracer

This incredible light wand kills 99.9% of germs! And it works on any surface. Imagine how easy it’ll be to clean your house!




Source: foodishthinking

Mellow was made with specifically home cooks in mind. It is the first sous-vide machine that can control hot and cold temperatures. Which means it can keep your food refrigerated all day until you are ready to start cooking, which you can do from anywhere through your smart phone!



Prep Pad & ScalePrep-Pad and scale

Source: getdatgadget

You can use the Prep Pad & Scale to track your nutrition goals, weigh and log your meals, and keep track of your health. It has a 1 year battery life, a 300,000+ food data base, and syncs with Jawbone Up. But you do need an iPad 3 or better to work with it.

Spread That

spread that

Source: prlog

Spread That doesn’t use any electricity to heat itself. It is actually warmed by your hand, which makes it safe to use for all ages. The metal they use to make them is especially made to conduct heat.







Source: dornob

This little guy is just over 6 inches long and doesn’t even weigh a pound. It is the perfect gift for the outdoors man who still enjoys the finer things in life. And it has a little built in cup!

The Egg Minder

the egg minder

Source: lesgormands

Have you ever been in the grocery store and wondered if you have any eggs left in the fridge? Well you’ll never have to wonder again with The Egg Minder. It lets you know via smart phone how many eggs you have left in your fridge. Success!


Miito Kettle

Miito kettle

Source: wired

This ingenious device heats your water directly in your cup. This electric kettle conserves water and is extremely energy efficient. And just look at how cool it looks!

Food Pod


Source: kevinpeter

This weird alien egg sack looking thing could be one of the handiest appliances you ever buy for your kitchen. It can steam, strain, boil, and blanch! And you can cook almost anything in it.




Source: hiconsumption

This futuristic food skin is BPA and dishwasher safe. But the best part is that it holds sandwiches perfectly! Everything always stays in place… And it looks wicked awesome.

Beer Foamer

Source: tgcdn

This Sonic Beer Foamer uses bubbles to bring the aroma of the beer to the surface. It also makes the beer taste better. And all for the low price of $20.


Muki Mug


Source: heloda

You can upload any image from your smart phone onto the e-paper on your mug. Which makes it the perfect way to start your day, whether it’s with a motivational quote or a picture of a loved one. What makes it even cooler is that it’s heat powered from the coffee!