A Collection of Will Ferrell’s Greatest Tweets

We all know Will Ferrell to be one of the funniest men on our planet today. His comedy style is the perfect mix of dirty and clever. He is known for his ability to make up tings on the spot in his comedy and that’s probably why his twitter one liners are so hilarious. So enjoy these tasty tweets from Will Ferrell!

funny will farell

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You are not alone, Will Ferrell.


funny wf

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Oh Siri… Useless as usual.


funny tweet wf

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Sounds about right…



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This is why I love Will Ferrell so darn much.


1 will ferrel tweet

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Boom Roasted!


2 will ferrrel tweet

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I’m definitely going to try this one out.


9 will farrel tweet

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I wish that was how it worked.


10 will farrel twweet

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Women… Am I right?


11 will farrell tweet

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Makes sense to me…


12 will farrell tweets

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This may be the smartest thing I have ever heard.


will ferrel tweets 1

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What a compassionate individual!


fun wf twet 2

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It is the great mystery of our generation.


13 will farrell tweets

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You’ve got to teach those birds who’s boss.


14 will ferrell tweet

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What an excellent outlook on life!


15will farrell tweet

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His logic is flawless.


16 will farrell tweet

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I’ll have 9 of those please!


17 will farrell tweet

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I’m sick of your whining Taylor Swift!