20 Awesomely Funny Shirts You Need to Wear

Check out this collection of funny 21 shirts that will make you laugh and brighten your day. If you see a shirt that fits your style click on the link below and you can purchase that shirt.  Wear one these around and you’re bound to go through the day looking good, laughing, and bringing smiles to the people around you. Spread the fun!


1.  “Beets. By schrute”


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This shirt is for all The Office, Dwight Schrute, and beet fans alike. Showing your love for beets has never been so classy.



2. “I slappa da bass”


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Momma Bear would be so embarrassed. He never learned not to play with his food.



3. “Step aside coffee, this is a job for alcohol.”



Coffee holds a special place in the day, but there comes a time when you have to call in the high-octane stimulant.



4. “I like pig butts & I cannot lie”


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Never hide what you truly like from people, even if it’s pig butt. In fact, print it on a shirt and wear it around.



5. “Finders keepers”


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“Finders keepers” is a universal law of nature, and is certainly not limited to Earth.



6. “Casual Friday”


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Wear this shirt on Fridays and you’ll certainly start a movement. Seriously, what is cooler than a Casual Friday penguin with a flower belly?



7. Jason loves Crocs


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What better accessory could there be? It had to be love at first sight.



8. “You see grey. I see a silver fox.”


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Life is all about your perspective on things. You can choose to see the grey side of things or the silver side and happy.



9. “Dear Alcohol…”


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Sometimes you just have to sit down and have the talk. It’s better for everyone in the long run.



10. “Without me it’s just aweso”


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Some people are so humble it hurts to listen to them.



11. “Chest bump”


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Wear this shirt around town and you’re bound to make lots of friends, or just get hit in the chest.



12. “Hugz?”


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We all need hugs sometimes, even if it’ll hurt you a little to give one.



13. “T-Rex hates push-ups”



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Don’t we all?



14. “I found this humerus”


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This shirt is for all those students that finally lost their minds at 2 AM while studying for anatomy.


15. Snail 


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You just can’t help but smile when you see this shirt. It’s such a cheerful little snail.


16. “You complete me”


Source: SnorgTees.com

There’s something magical about a donut being reunited with it’s donut hole.


17. “I’m so fabulous I sweat glitter”


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You don’t have to tell people you’re amazing you just dazzle them with your glorious sparkles.


18. “I need coffee to wake up…”


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The vicious cycle so many of us struggle through every morning. This could be the future of alarm clocks- timed coffee IV to wake us up with a steady flow of caffeine straight to the blood stream.


19. “Strangers are awesome”


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Some kids just never learn to listen to their parents.


20. “French Canadian”


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There is not a better way to explain what nationality is French-Canadian.