10 Celebs With Even Hotter Siblings You Didn’t Know Existed

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We all know the Jonas Brothers, and Mary-Kate and Ashley, but it turns out they have brothers and sisters who are a lot hotter than they are. We’re wondering why some of these siblings aren’t as famous as their Hollywood counterparts. A lot of them try to stay out of the spotlight, but few are slowly getting noticed.

Here are some of the unknown celebrity siblings you never knew existed but are just as attractive.

Beyonce And Solange Knowles


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While she may not be as famous as her older sister, she’s proven she can sing, model, and act just as good.

Solange Knowles was born June 24, 1986. She made a name for herself in both the music and fashion industries. She came out with her debut album Solo Star in 2003 and became the songwriter for her sister and ex-Destiny’s Child members Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams.

She’s modeled for House of Dereon and even did voice-over work for The Proud Family and Bring It On: All or Nothing.

She was married to Daniel Smith and gave birth to Daniel Julez J. Smith Jr., but their marriage only lasted three years. She eventually became a fashion icon and got married to Alan Ferguson in 2014.


Chris and Scott Evans


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Chris Evans accidentally outed his younger brother.

Scott Evans was born September 21, 1983, and is the younger brother of Chris. He is known for his role in the soap opera One Life to Life and is openly gay. But his brother Chris accidentally outed him while in an interview.

“Yes, he outed me, well outed me publicly. I outed me when I was nineteen. He outed me publicly. There was no shock. I didn’t get any phone calls like, ‘You’re kidding.’ They knew. … It was in The Advocate where he said it and told my story.”


Sofia And Sandra Vergara


Source: Hello Magazine

She was adopted by her aunt and instead of being cousins, became sisters with Sofia.

When Sandra was only one-month-old, she was adopted by her aunt and grew up as Sofia Vergara’s sister. Sandra Vergara is also a Colombian actress and model. Sandra starred modeling when she was 24-years-old and appeared in a soap opera Chico de mi Barrio and guest starred in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. 

She may not be as famous as her sister, but she’s just as beautiful.


Zac And Dylan Efron


Source: People

Brotherly love is all you see when they’re together.

Dylan graduated from Cal Poly with an economics degree in 2013 and had been seen hanging out with his brother. Most of the time you’ll see Zac Efron watching a Los Angeles Lakers basketball game with his younger brother.

Dylan works on the production side of Hollywood as an assistant to Ravi Mehta.  The two seem to be pretty hardcore fitness freaks with chiseled abs.


Emma And Alex Watson


Source: Pop Sugar

She may have taken the wizard world by storm, but her step-brother has become a fashion model and heartthrob.

Alexander Chris Watson was born December 15, 1992.

He got small roles in the Harry Potter films, but he’s a much more talented model than actor. He appeared in a commercial photo shoot for Burberry Fashion.

He now helps manage a British rock band and hopes to become a TV journalist.


Blake And Eric Lively


Source: Capital FM

Eric Lively has been acting long before his sister started but he’s not as famous.

Eric Lively was born July 31, 1981. His first role was as a baby in the film Brainstorm. He had a small role in The Butterfly Effect 2, and Showtime’s The L Word.

He went to Parsons the New School for Design in New York City and became an Abercrombie and Fitch model.

Eric Lively has even appeared in Pink’s music video “Please Don’t Leave Me” in 2009.


Scarlett and Hunter Johansson


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Scarlett’s twin brother is more into politics than acting.

Scarlett is usually seen with her twin brother walking the red carpets but what does he do for a living? He’s had some small parts in films and even appeared in the same film as his sister in Manny & Lo back in 1996, but he has a career in politics.

In 2008, Hunter worked on Obama’s campaign for reelection, and he was even the community organizer for Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer’s office in New York.


James And Dave Franco


Source: All Women Talk

Dave Franco was going to be a teacher, but his brother pushed him to become another talented actor in Hollywood.

David John “Dave” Franco was born June 12, 1985. He studied at the University of Souther California and thought he was going to become a high-school teacher but his brother helped him nurture his acting career instead.

He got his start as a comedian and an actor in small roles in films like Superbad, and Charlie St. Cloud. But he made his breakthrough in the buddy comedy 21 Jump Street, Warm Bodies, and Now You See Me. 

He was ranked one of the top 50 Most Talented, Intelligent, Funny, and Gorgeous Jewish Men in the World.


Mary-Kate, Ashley, And Elizabeth Olsen


Source: Pop Sugar

Instead of competing with her sisters on television she went straight for the big screen.

Elizabeth Olsen was born February 16, 1989, and grew up in the entertainment business with the Olsen twins.

She wasn’t as big of a child-star as her twin sisters, and Elizabeth Olsen eventually stole the spotlight on the big screen while her sisters focused on their fashion careers. She’s known for being in the Marvel films like Avengers, and blockbuster hits like Godzilla, and Peace, Love & Misunderstanding.

She’s gained critical acclaim for her acting prowess and for being much more attractive of the three.


Rachel And Daniel McAdams


Source: E! Online

Rachel may be taking fitness tips from her younger brother at his gym.

Rachel McAdams’ younger brother is a personal trainer and a martial arts master in Canada.

He owns his company called McAdams fitness and has over 16 years of gym and training experience as well as 12 years of shorinryu karate.