10 Celebrity Couples Before & After Photos Will Restore Your Faith In Love

Celebrity Couples - Goldie Hawn Kurt Russell

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Over the years, we hear and see cheating couples, divorces, breakups all over the news, television and in the movies. It’s made us very cynical and the thought of true love has all but vanished. But here to restore your faith in humanity and the hope of finding the one are these couples who have been together for decades.

No, they aren’t just together for the kids, these couples are still in love with each other, despite whatever troubles they had in their marriages.


1. Meryl Streep & Don Gummer

Celebrity Couples - Meryl Don

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Married Since 1978.

Long term success and love are just two things that Meryl Streep and Don Gummer know. Meryl’s 2012 acceptance speech at the Academy Awards, “First I’m going to thank Don because when you thank your husband at the end of the speech they play him out with the music, and I want him to know that everything I value most in our lives you’ve given me.”


2. Ozzy & Sharon Osbourne

Celebrity Couples - Osbournes

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Married since 1982.

Married July 4, 1982. This couple has been married for 33 years.


3. Oprah Winfrey & Stedman Graham

Celebrity Couples - Oprah Stedman

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Married since 1986.

Reaching three decades, this power couple is still holding strong.


4. Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson

Celebrity Couples - Tom Rita

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Married since 1988.

These two have been married for more than two decades. Hanks said, “if we were in high school and I was just funny, I’d never have the courage to talk to her.”


5. Will Smith & Jada Pinkett

Celebrity Couples - Will Jada

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Married since 1997.

Will Smith & Jada Pinkett got married on December 31, 1997. They have been married for 18 years.


6. Hugh Jackman & Deborra-Lee Furness

Celebrity Couples - Hugh Jackman & Deborra

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Married since 1996.

Married for over almost two decades, Hugh Jackman man be one of the hottest male stars out there. “I decided, I won’t ask her to marry me for six months. Then after four months I thought, that’s the most ridiculous rule!”


7. David Beckham & Victoria Adams

Celebrity Couples - David Beckham Victoria Adams

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Married since 1999.

The former professional footballer fell in love with “Posh Spice” in 1997. They got married in 1999.


8. Ben Stiller & Christine Taylor

Celebrity Couples - Ben Christine

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Married on May 13, 2000.

Ben Stiller & Christine Taylor prove that the couple that works together stays together. They’ve been onscreen on Zoolander, Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story, Tropic Thunder, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and Arrested Development.


9. Ellen DeGeneres & Portia de Rossi

Celebrity Couples - Ellen Portia

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Married since 2008.

This couple has been together since 2004 but only got married in 2008.


10. Seth Rogen & Lauren Miller

Celebrity Couples - Seth Lauren

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Married since 2011.

These two have dating since 2004, but didn’t tie the knot until 2011.