10 Craziest Ways People Get Wrecked Around The World

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Shamans, indigenous people in the Amazon, and the Ancient Romans all discovered had to be creative to make a recreational substance that would take them to the next level, have out of body experiences, or to contemplate their existence in the universe.

So why aren’t we?

If you want to get on their level you might have to travel to the Amazon, or look in your spice cabinet. Here are some of the craziest ways people around the world are getting wrecked.



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The most powerful hallucinogen in the world!

Dubbed as the “most powerful hallucinogen” in the world. Used by indigenous Amazonian shamans, it is a mix of chacruna. Reported effects range from visual and auditory stimulation, and a psychological introspection and spiritual revelations regarding a person’s purpose in life or the true nature of the universe are revealed.

If you aren’t worried about the intense vomiting and occasional diarrhea it induces, head down to the Amazon! Or you can brew sections of the  Banisteriopsis caapi vine and boiled with leaves from Psychotria viridis (chacruna) or Diplopterys cabrerana (also known as chaliponga and chacropanga) yourself.


Mad Honey


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Honey made from poisonous flowers which are harvested by climbing up cliff sides.

The Gurungs, a tribe in Nepal hunts for Himalayan Bees, the largest honey bees in the world for their honey. These bees forage poisonous flowers for their nectar, making a wild honey with natural psychoactive properties.

The people in the tribe use it for medicine, an aphrodisiac, and a hallucinogen. The liquid needs to be eaten with great care to avoid any dangerous intoxication. Consuming too much of the grayanotoxins could cause full body paralysis and potentially fatal breathing difficulties from diaphragm paralysis.

To even get close to the bees hive, the hunters set fires below to force the bees. Then they need to climb dangerous cliff sides, Using a basket and bamboo stakes, and they cut out several kilos of honey.


Sapo Venom Burns


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Only found in the Amazon, a single poke from the sapo frogs venom can have you on a trip for days.

An Amazonian frog called the Sapo produces a venom (yes, venom not poison), that has euphoric highs. Natives of the Amazon will burn a spot on a person’s body then rub the frog’s venom onto the burn.

It contains an opioid peptide that is 100 times more potent than morphine. If you can get through the initial vomiting, you get into a dissociative experience for hours.

Scientists have studied the venom and believe it could yield a new form of non-addictive painkillers or a potent stimulant and appetite suppressant. The only bad thing is that the frog cannot produce the venom in captivity, meaning the only way you can experience it is to travel through the Amazon and catch one yourself.


Sarpa Salpa Fish


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Hallucinogenic fish were eaten by the ancient Romans for recreational purposes.

Ichthyoallyeinotoxism, or hallucinogenic fish inebriation, occurs when eating certain species of tropical fish. The effects are said to be very similar to LSD, causing you to experience vivid auditory and visual hallucinations. These trips can last for days.

The Sarpa salpa, which means “the fish that makes dreams” in Arabic, is a sea bream fish can be found in the Mediterranean, Spain and off the coasts of Africa. The actual active agent that causes the hallucinations is not clear. Other hallucinogenic fishes are clown and damsel fishes, rabbitfish, sea chub, surgeon fish, goatfish, mullet, and groupers.

Ancient Romans were known to eat the sea bream for recreational purposes. Whatever you do, don’t eat the heads, in several clinical reports, everyone who did had the worst hallucinations of their life.


Snake Venom


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Make your body stronger by building a tolerance to snake venom.

Being bitten by a venomous snake could be lethal, the hemotoxins that attack the blood cells in your body could render you lifeless in less than 30 minutes. But there is one man who has been injecting himself with venom to get a high that can last for days.

Steve Ludwin from London milks the venom from cobras and other venomous snakes then injects it into his bloodstream to get an alert but euphoric sensation. He also claims that the venom has anti-aging properties and has been doing it since the late 80s.

Bill Haast, a herpetologist, also believed that regular exposure to venom results in the body developing immunity, making the body stronger, faster, and more resilient.



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Look in your spice cabinet and take two spoonfuls for a two day hangover.

Nutmeg is psychoactive in the right doses. 5 to 15 grams of grated nutmeg can take anywhere from three to six hours to kick in, but studies have found the high varies from “kinda mix between stoned and drunk” to “high as balls…can’t really focus…red eyes…possible nausea.”

Overconsumption can cause dizziness, nausea, cottonmouth, and paranoia. Nutmeg contains myristicin, a compound known for mind-altering effects if ingested in large doses and even used in the synthetic hallucinogen MDMA. While nutmeg can produce a similar high, its side effects are far more severe and painful.

The nutmeg high is also described as a “two-day hangover,” due to nausea and dizziness that can last 12 hours or more. Also, too much consumption of the spice can cause hearing and nerve problems.


Ergot Fungus


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Go back to the Salem Witch Trials by eating molding grain and rye.

Some people theorize that the Salem Witch Trials wasn’t a religious panic, and may have been caused by a poisonous mold. Ergot, a grain fungus when consumed causes paranoia, hallucinations, and even convulsions. These led to people’s ideas of demonic possessions, werewolf sightings, and could be the real reason the Salem Witch Trials took place.

Ergot is essentially food poisoning, and back in the medieval era, it was thought of as demonic possession. It’s caused by a fungus growing on either grain or rye, and it contains some different alkaloids, which is very similar to LSD. But unlike LSD, you won’t have the most pleasant trip.

You experience mania, delirium, paranoia, trouble with vision, and if too much is consumed, you could have convulsions, vomiting, diarrhea. In extreme cases, the fungus acts as a vasoconstrictor, reducing blood circulation, which can cause gangrenous symptoms, lose your limbs and eventually lose your life.


Reindeer Pee


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Drink the pee of a reindeer that is tripping to get the same high without the nausea.

Ancient shamans would collect the urine of reindeer that had eaten the Fly Agaric mushroom and used its hallucinogenic properties to enter an altered state of consciousness, but Andy Letcher dispelled the myth. In his book Shroom: A Cultural History of the Magic Mushroom, he explains, “a modern urban myth that shamans or anyone else drank reindeer urine: an intoxicated deer would be slaughtered and eaten, by which means the effects would be passed on.”

But that hasn’t stopped people from doing it.

Reindeer have a desire to experience an altered state of consciousness and so do humans. According to studies, human’s common side effect is the feeling of flying. Which may be the idea of Santa and his flying reindeer.


Toad Licking


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Even The Simpsons did it, why don’t you?

Psychoactive toads are commonly milked from the toad’s poison glands. Stroking the animal under its chin to initiate a defensive toxin response doesn’t harm the toad in any way and takes a month for the toad to refill its poison glands. Once the liquid toxin is collected and dried, it can be used for psychedelic effects.

The chemical it secrets is 5-methoxy-N, N-dimethyltryptamine, which acts as a serotonin agonist, which binds to your serotonin receptors releasing a “feel-good” high in the body. But the toad also secretes other chemicals that can target the heart and mimic hormones like adrenaline. These can lead to dangerous heart rhythm problems, like ventricular fibrillation.


Meduna’s Mixture


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Get your body in panic mode without having to do anything scary.

Carbogen was invented in the 1940s by the psychiatrist, Ladislas Meduna. It was a mixture of 70% carbon dioxide and 30% oxygen gas and used as a panicogen. It was used to help desensitize people to their anxieties, but the gasses also produce a psychedelic experience.

Your body is hardwired to go into “panic” mode whenever there is a high carbon dioxide content in the air. Meduna’s mixture is a way to trick your body into thinking there isn’t enough oxygen. People who use it report a range of different euphoric effects like seeing vivid colors and a calming sensation.