Every Stoner Should Check Out These 12 Psychedelic Optical Illusions

Psychedelic Optical Illusion

Source: Pinterest

We’ve all seen the black and white optical illusions in middle school about whether or not the picture is a face or vase, or the old woman or young woman, but we’re all grown adults and we like to see cooler stuff than that. The ones that if we were on LSD or tripping on shrooms that would blow our minds.

These images are every stoner’s gold mine of awesome psychedelic optical illusions that you’ve been looking for.


1. Cafe Wall

Sliding Walls

Source: wikipedia

The gray lines between the black and white boxes are actually curved.

If you rest your eyes on the middle of the image it will actually look like they’re shifting from side to side.


2. Fractal Optical Illusion


Psychedelic Optical Illusion

Source: Tumblr

Motion sickness.

No, these images aren’t actually moving. Your eye is trying to focus on one location which affects your peripheral vision and makes the optical illusion look like it’s moving.


3. Mushroom Optical Illusion

Spinning Wheels

Source: pichost

Two optical illusions in one image.

This images uses two optical illusions. One is the floating rice illusion which makes the blue dots appear to roll like ocean waves as your eyes move across from side to side.

It also uses two different patterns on the two rings going in opposite directions which causes your eyes to think they’re moving.


4. Pinwheel Optical Illusion

Psychedelic Optical Illusion

Souce: hdwpics

These circles appear to rotate in clockwise or counterclockwise.

This illusion uses motion aftereffect (MAE). While your eyes are stationary and fixed on a particular spot on the image it makes the outer part of the image appear to move.

The motion aftereffect is believed to be connected to our motion adaptation.


5. Purple Dots Optical Illusion

Psychedelic Optical Illusion

Source: desktopnexus

Keep your eyes still to stop the dots from moving.

As you move your eyes across the image, everything you see on your peripherals begins to move, but if you keep your eyes completely still and fixated on a single dot the rest of the image will stop moving.


6. Gray Quares Optical Illusion

Gray Squares

Source: Pinterest

Black dots appear between each intersection of white.

This illusion fools you into thinking there gray dots in the white intersections of the images.


7. Psychedelic Optical Illusion

Impossible Elephant

Source: answers

This elephant has one too many legs.

As you look at the image your mind is trying to make sense of the feet, even though they places on the ends of the elephant.


8. The Devil’s Fork

The Devil's Fork

Source: pichost

Another play one your mind trying to make sense of the ends.

The Devil’s Fork or Blivet, is an undecipherable image that is impossible in three dimensions.

Since your mind tries to interpret everything you see into three dimensions it gets confused as you move from one end of the fork to the other.


9. Columns Or People

Columns Or People

Source: answers

Similar to the face or vase illusion.

As you shift your focus from white space to black space you can see two different images.


10. Black & White Psychedelic Optical Illusion

The Hallway

Source: Pinterest

These six colors make you feel like the walls are moving.

The constant pattern breaks up the image but if you keep your eyes completely still the image will stop moving.


11. Black & White Optical Illusion

Ebbinghaus Illusion

Source: Heavy

Ebbinghaus Illusion makes two different shapes seem like different sizes.

The two circles inside both of the images are actually the same size. Because of the proportion of the image to the surrounding objects one seems bigger than the other.


12. Ponzo Optical Illusion

Ponzo Illusion

Source: answers

The Ponzo Illusion makes parallel lines seem smaller.

Again, your eyes are trying to process a two dimensional image into a three dimensional one. Because the picture looks like it’s fading into the background your brain thinks the two different lines are different sizes.