Fatal Attractions: 10 Worst Amusement Ride Tragedies In History

Six Flags Great Adventure


Source: NFPA

Haunted Castle took the lives of eight teenagers.

May 11, 1984, at the Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey, a fire claimed the lives eight teenagers who were trapped inside the Haunted Castle ride.

The castle was made out of 17 interconnected commercial trailers and built out of plywood frames. Many of the safety features were faulty, the exit lights had been burnt out, and the fire alarms were vandalized and no longer working. According to some reports, the exit doors were chained, and the emergency exits were fenced in and not accessible by patrons.

The fire was started by a fourteen-year-old who accidentally caught one of the flammable props on fire which quickly spread. The bodies were burnt beyond recognition that firefighters couldn’t tell the difference between mannequins and the bodies of the kids.

When Six Flags was indicted for aggravated manslaughter, the trial jury found the defendants not guilty deeming the fire was arson, and no precautions would have saved the lives of anyone in the incident.