Gatorade’s Genius Marketing Does it Again: This Will Bring a Tear to Even the Most Macho Athlete’s Eyes!

Gatorade was invented in 1965 for the University of Florida’s football team, which is how Gatorade got it’s name (Gator for the Florida team’s mascot). Gatorade now provides 46% of the worldwide sports drink market. The reason they’ve stayed on top for so long?

1. They have a great product that works.

2. They are marketing pros!

But it wasn’t always like that. After a substantial financial loss in 2007 they decided to step up their marketing game. Now 7 years later they’ve finally perfected it! First with their Derek Jeter commercial that could bring tears to even a Red Sox fan’s eyes!

See Below:

And now they’ve done it again with their newest commercial featuring Sledge Hockey players:


This is why after 50 years Gatorade is still on top and always will be! Their heartfelt commercials make us remember what sports have done for the world and what Gatorade has done for sports.