Hilarious Snapchats That Make Famous Artworks Into Masterpieces

Touching Jesus Butt

Source: Tumblr

Today anyone can be an artist as long as they have a camera on their phone. And some people have made masterpieces even better with their modern spin on things. These are the best of the best.


1. Mona Lisa – Leonardo Di Vinci

A snapchat of the Mona Lisa with the lyrics from Beyonce.

Source: allthingsmundane


2. American Gothic – Grant Wood

A snapchat that picks on dating websites.

Source: Art Institute Chicago


3. Judith Beheading Holofernes – Caravaggio

Who Is Amber Alert?

Source: iBiblio


4. Eadwine At His Desk

Eadwine The Scribe At Work

Source: Mauritshuis


5. Lohans Giving Alms To Beggars

Girl Those Shoes

Source: Tumblr


6. Bust SculptureBut Mom

Source: Distractify


7. Bronze Sculptures

All The Single Ladies

Source: Dose


8. The Creation Of Adam – Michelangelo

This eerily looks like something from a show.

Source: Michelangelo


9. The Old Guitarist – Picasso

The old guitarist with a caption about the overplayed Wonderwall.

Source: Art Institute of Chicago


10. Napoleon I On His Imperial Throne – Jacques-Louis David

Napoleon looking pretty swag on his throne.

Source: Artble


11. Oedipus Explains The Riddle Of The Sphinx by Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres

Oedipus beckoning a harpy or chimera.

Source: The Masterpiece Cards


12. Plaster Cast Gallery

Statues of a woman and man lying together.


Source: BermudaRover


13. Madonna And Child

A painting of a child sucking on a woman's breast.

Source: The Masterpiece Cards


14. Whistler’s Mother – James Abbott McNeill Whistler

The paining of the artist's mother.

Source: The Masterpiece Cards


15. Self Portrait With Dr Arrieta – Francisco Goya

A painting of a doctor and his patient.

Source: The Masterpiece Cards


16. Equestrian Portrait of Charles V – Titian

A portrait of a noble on a horse.

Source: The Masterpiece Cards


17. Boy With A Basket Of Fruit – Caravaggio

Basically a boy with a fruit basket.

Source: The Masterpiece Cards


18. Saturn Devouring His Son – Francisco Goya

Saturn eating one of his sons is similar to most people in restaurants.

Source: The Masterpiece Cards


19. The Cardsharps – Caravaggio

A woman trying to hide her card from another person.

Source: The Masterpiece Cards


20. Grande Odalisque – Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres

A woman lying naked in bed.

Source: The Masterpiece Cards


21. Jeremiah Lamenting The Destruction Of Jerusalem – Rembrandt

Jeremia lamenting about the destruction of Jerusalem.

Source: The Masterpiece Cards