10 Ways Climate Change Is Destroying Our World

Climate Change

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There may still be a large debate if global warming is real or not, but the world’s climate is changing.¬†Melting polar ice caps, and mega-droughts are becoming more prevalent.

Here are 10 key effects of climate change which might surprise you.


1. Endangered Species Going Extinct

Eurasian Lynx

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More and more endangered animals are making the list, and many have already gone extinct.


2. Melting Polar Ice Caps

Beautiful snow-capped mountains against the blue sky in Antarctica

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Warming temperatures causing rising sea-levels.


3. Extreme Weather

Huge hurricane between Florida and Cuba. Elements of this image furnished by NASA

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Hurricanes are going to happen more often and be much stronger than Superstorm Sandy in the coming years.


4. Droughts

drought land so long waterless

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Megadroughts in California and cracked ground in the Great Upper Nile river.


5. Wildfires

he Carlton Complex fire - WA state's biggest wild fire in history. 100's evacuated and dozens of homes lost

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Longer and dryer summers make parched lands quick to catch fire and spread.


6. Coral Reefs

Indonesia has been destroyed by a tsunami and has yet to begin to regrow.

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Fragile ecosystems in the oceans are bleaching off.


7. Deforestation

Stumps on the valley caused by deforestation and slash and burn type of agriculture of Madagascar

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It’s not just us cutting down forests, but bark beetles are spreading in swarms all over North America.


8. Animal Migration

Sandhill Crane migration in Sauvie Island

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Birds are migrating earlier and earlier every year because of global warming.


9. Food Prices

Two combines cutting a swath through the middle of a wheat field during harvest.

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The heat and dry summers are making agriculture much harder to grow crops.


10. Allergies

Brunette female sneezing

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Yes, you are sneezing more because weeds are spreading.