How To Ask For A Raise And Get It

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Asking for a big fat pay raise from your boss is like pulling teeth out with a pair of tweezers. You’ve been hard at work for your company and your supervisors have noticed your dedication. You feel like you’ve gone above and beyond what is expected of you and you want to to be compensated for that.

Katie Donovan, a salary negotiation consultant for gave some helpful tips. So you know you deserve it so here are tips to take the plunge and get the money you need.


1. Do Your Homework

Doing Research

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Find out what other people are getting paid in your position with the same level of experience and education.


2. Don’t Waste Time


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Don’t wait until your annual review, the longer you wait the more money you losing out on what you deserve.


3. Ask About Your Performance

Performance Level

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If your boss compliments you on your work then ease into the numbers.


4. Don’t Over-Personalize

Talking to Boss

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Mention your accomplishments if you’ve helped save or make money, don’t involve your personal life.


5. Build Your Reputation In The Company

Gain Reputation

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If you’re helping and taking on tasks to make yourself stand out you become an integral part of the company.


6. Don’t Say Raise Say “Salary Adjustment”

Salary Adjustment

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Asking for a raise is like asking for more, an adjustment emphasizes your market value.


7.  Keep Track Of All Your Accomplishments

Track Accomplishments

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Showcase what you’ve done for the company.


8. Be Flexible To Other Options

Be Flexible

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Be open to compromises or get perks that would help make work more comfortable.


9. Ask Questions If You’re Denied The Raise

Asking Questions

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Make them outline what you could do to get the raise so you know how to get it.


10. If You Can’t Get What You Know You Deserve, Leave

Leave Company

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If the company can’t afford to pay the wages you deserve, then don’t waste your time there.