10 Most Bizarre Educational Videos From The Past

Awkward Sex Ed Videos

Source: Yahoo

If you couldn’t explain how puberty worked in the past, you relied on education videos to help fill in the blanks for children who were asking too many questions. The majority of these vintage videos filled with absurd and inappropriate advice that left children with more questions rather than answers. Even Disney tried to make a story about menstruation for women that failed epically.

Here are are some of the worst and most awkward educational videos that were ever created.




1. Caught In The Act – 1970’s

Source: YouTube

Mother walks in on her son touching himself.



2. Harassment

Source: YouTube

This epic video that was shown regarding harassment in the workplace.



3. Boys Beware – 1950’s

Source: YouTube

Homosexual tries to take advantage of boy hitchhiking.



4. As Boys Grow – 1950’s

Source: YouTube

Coach decides to talk about puberty and just so happens to have these posters lying around.




5. Special Education

Source: YouTube

This educational video teaches special education students sexual education.




6. USS VD: Ship of Shame

Source: YouTube

The angriest doctor on the USS VD.




7. Am I Normal? – 1979

Source: YouTube

Apparently Goofy is a “cool” guy.




8. Jessica Biel Teaches Women About The Pill

Source: YouTube

Women talk about the struggles of having to be on the pill.




9. Disney Film Oddities – 1946

Source: YouTube

Disney tries a crack at trying to teach women about puberty.




10. How Much Affection – 1957

Source: YouTube

Apparently this is what you do before you start doing it in the 1950’s.




Creepy Sci-Fi Background Music – 1980’s

Source: YouTube

This VHS video has the most sinister music playing in the background while they talk about it with your spouse.