Surprising Laws of Human Attraction

Young attractive couple in love
Source: Phase4Studios

You can’t control who you are attracted to. However, have you found that you are attracted to people who share similar qualities? While you might think different people are beautiful, you are more likely to go after someone that has certain qualities and features. All of this goes along with the laws of human attraction. With this in mind, there are all sorts of different elements that go into who you are attracted to and who you are not attracted to. Due to this, it is rather interesting to find out some of the surprising laws of human attraction and how it affects who you are attracted to and who you might go after when you meet them.

First, it matters how old your parents were when they had you. Have you found that you are just attracted to individuals who look older (either by looks or by actual age)? Both men and women who are born to more elderly parents, for example, 30 and above, are more likely to be attracted to people who show signs of aging. The old saying of being attracted to someone who looks like your mother or father is true, to a degree, here.

Another law of human attraction is that a symmetric face usually is seen as more attractive. You probably do not mentally compare the two sides of a person’s face, but studies show that individuals who look the same on one side of the face to the other (a mole on one side of the face and not the other makes the individual less symmetrical).

It is better to be average than anything else. This does not mean average looking, but average regarding smarts. People who are incredibly intelligent can turn those who are less intelligent off, and someone with inferior intellect can often push the rest of the people away as well. It is far better to be average, as it is possible to attract both other ordinary individuals and individuals who are both smart and considered less educated.

You have probably heard this before, and it was briefly mentioned above, but the way your parents look play a significant role in who you are looking for and who you are attracted to. This doesn’t mean if your mother had a large chest you are going to be attracted to a broad chest, or if you have a tall father you are going to be attracted to tall men (although it doesn’t hurt), but eye color and hair color play are going to be what you are drawn to. If your mother has blonde hair and blue eyes, you are more likely going to be attracted to someone who shares the same features.

With all of this in mind, it is going to help you understand who you are attracted to and even why you are attracted to such an individual. This way, you can determine who you are more likely to become attracted to in the future.