The 10 Hottest Plus Size Models

Plus Size Model Laura Wells

Source: theroundpeg

A growing number of plus sized models have been redefining what it means to be beautiful.

These are the hottest models who are breaking the mold and showing you don’t need a tiny waist to have a rockin’ body.


1. Marquita Pring

Plus Size Model Marquita Pring

Source: hollywood

Marquita Pring is from Upstate New York who now lives in Brooklyn.

She now works for Ford Models and, “…never once thought about going to be a straight sized model. Even at the beginning I figure, I thought I could do beauty work, I have a nice face, they can photograph me from here up and maybe my body won’t be included.” She found out she could actually be a plus-sized model and still have the career and do the things she wanted to do and eat and be healthy.

She has modeled for Jean Paul Gaultier and hopes to be able to be the cover girl for Lancome or Chanel one day.

“It doesn’t matter what shape you have or the size you wear, whether you’re skinny or curvy, tall or short. The important thing is to be happy, to feel comfortable in your own skin. I always say it because I would have never gotten here if I hadn’t had confidence in myself. I’ve always taken lots of care of myself, what a woman wears is the distinct image of how she feels inside and what she wants to communicate to the outside world. If you have confidence in yourself and if you’re happy, it doesn’t matter what others think.”


2. Toccara Jones

Plus Sized Model Toccara Jones

Source: antm411

Toccara Jones was born on March 13, 1981 in Dayton, Ohio.

She was contestant for the third season of America’s Next Top Model and finished in seventh place.

She went to school at Stivers School for the Arts. She is a plus sized model believe “plus means positive.”


3. Tess Henstra

Plus Sized Model Tess Henstra

Source: pinterest

Tess Henstra is a size 16 with one of the most striking eyes in the modeling world.

She has a natural beauty who works with Dominique Models Agency.


4. Denise Bidot

Plus Sized Model Denise Bidot

Source: Tumblr

On a mission to change the way we define beauty.

She’s been at New York Fashion Week, the runway of CHROMAT and Serena William’s HSN Clothing Line. You can see her in Forever 21 Plus, Levis Jeans, Target, Macy’s and Kohl’s. The fact that she models and still has time to be a single mother speaks wonders about what this woman can do.

“It’s funny, because there’s no real science or anything. You just make it happen! I’m one of those people that knows everything is possible if I just work really hard. So, I have this beautiful six-year-old daughter, and an amazing career that people can only dream about. When I was a little girl, I believed I could achieve anything, and somehow it worked out! That’s the honest truth.”


5. Maggie Brown

Plus Sized Model Maggie Brown

Source: Tumblr

Maggie Brown won Tyra’s Thick and Top Model Contest in 2006.

Maggie pursued modeling back in 2006 out on a whim and eventually won Tyra Bank’s Thick and Top Model Contest. She faced many problems with perseverance in the industry.

“Well to be honest with you, my biggest challenge is patience.  In this industry there is a lot of “hurry up and wait”… You might get a nibble at a job but you have to wait it out and be patient until all the formalities are completed to book the time/date, etc. I’ve really learned to become a very patient person!


6. Jennie Runk

Plus Sized Model Jennie Runk

Source: Tumblr

Best known for H&M’s Summer 2013 beachwear campaign.

Jennie Runk was born June 13, 1989 in Georgia. She has been on CosmopolitanGlamour, Cosmo Girl, and Marie Claire. 

“I’ve always considered myself a feminist. In high school I drove my dad’s pickup truck with feminist stickers on the back and bright pink seat covers. My ringtone is Joan Jett’s ‘Bad Reputation.’ I went to Stephens, a women’s college, and joined a feminist protest group.”


7. Laura Wells

Plus Size Model Laura Wells

Source: theroundpeg

This international plus size model is an advocate for better body image.

This size 14 beauty has been fighting to break the model of modeling. Many of the agents asked the models to stick to a diet of crackers and water. “No food being eaten, prescription dietary pills, agents telling girls that they’re only allowed to have one cracker and a couple glasses of water leading up to fashion week per day.”

Laura Wells eats healthy, works out, and got modeling jobs. She was happy with her body, but her roommates who were trying to fit the smaller sized shoots were putting so much stress on both their bodies and mentally. In France, the fashion industry has made changes to how they portray women. Lawmakers made it illegal to condone anorexia and want any re-touched photos that altered the bodily appearance to have a message stating the images were manipulated.


8. Lizzie Miller

Plus Sized Model Lizzie Miller

Source: scoopwhoop

Lizzie Miller is considered a “plus-size” model with a size at around a 12-14. The industry considers anything over a size six a plus-size. As Miller says, “pretty much every picture in a magazine or ad is airbrushed . . . I don’t think the public understands how much smoke and mirrors are involved in making women look like that.”

Today, most fashion shoots still won’t use any average-sized women. It wasn’t until the public reacted to a photo of her which generated a frenzy of feedback from women all over the world. Lizzie Miller celebrates her stretch marks and a roll of tummy flesh because she wants to be able to relate to every woman out there.


9. Tara Lynn

Plus Sized Model Tara Lynn

Source: thecurvyfashionista

Taken in as a plug-size model, she has been making waves in the fashion industry.

She worked out of Seattle while she finished school, then moved to New York to help catapult her career to what it is today. She’s been on the cover of French and Spanish Elle Magazine, H&M’s 2012 campaign “Big is Beautiful” and been on the cover of Belle Vere for Vogue Italia.

She’s been proud to show her body since, “the first day I walked into an agency.”


10. Candice Huffine

Plus Sized Model Candice Huffine

Source: thecurvyfashionista

Born October 15, 1984 in Georgetown, Washington D.C.

She has made it onto the pages of Vogue Magazine. Being included on the page of Vogue has been one of her childhood dreams, giving tips for dressing a curvy body.

“My goal is a general one, and that is to continue being featured in mainstream publications and amazing editorials. There is relevance in size diversity, and I am excited about other magazines continuing this movement.”