The 12 Definitive Emotional Stages of Becoming HANGRY

Hungry + Angry = Hangry


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Here are the definitive stages of emotions every person experiences who has ever been hangry. It’s a rough and terrible path you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy.


Stage 1 – The Twinge


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You have this little twinge in your belly and you realize you’re getting hungry.


Stage 2 –  Aha Moment


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You suddenly realize you’re hungry because you haven’t eaten a single thing in the last 5 hours.


Stage 3 – “What Do I Feel Like Eating?”


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You start trying to assess your hunger to figure out what you feel like eating, but you can’t think of a single thing to eat.


Stage 4 – Oh S#*t Moment


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You realize your hunger is growing and starting to drain the life out of you. You’re on the verge of becoming dangerously hungry, and bad things happen when you get that hungry.


Stage 5 – Empty Fridge


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You start scavenging for food but quickly discover you haven’t gone shopping in over a week.  There is no food, except stale tortillas, to be found anywhere. You have to venture out into the world to find food.



Stage 6 – Everything is Far Away


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You desperately search for food that is appealing and close by, but everything feels so far away or too expensive. You are now irrationally irritable.


Stage 7 – HANGRY


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Hunger has completely taken over and you are legitimately angry. You need food NOW or you might just kill somebody.


Stage 8 – A Little Hope


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You suddenly remember there’s cheap Mexican food nearby where you can stuff yourself with a giant burrito for cheap! This gives you just enough energy to stumble out into the world on your burrito quest.


Stage 9 – Slow Motion


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The world moves in slow motion and everything and everyone is in your way. You want that burrito more than life itself, so you struggle ahead.


Stage 10 – The Big Wait


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You’ve finally made it and ordered, but now you must wait. Your emotions start welling up and you think you might burst into tears. Every second hurts and you can’t understand why they’re taking sooooo long.


Stage 11 – Inhale


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Your food finally arrives and you waste no time inhaling every last bit. Nom! Nom!


Stage 12 –  Food Coma


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Your hanger fades away as you sink into a deep food coma of happiness knowing everything is going to be okay.