The Secret Life of a Manicurist: 12 Things Salons Don’t Want You to Know


Source: Flickr-Angie Chung

Buyer beware: The glossy sheen on your latest mani-pedi may be covering up some horrifying business practices behind the scenes. Recently, The New York Times ran a feature article documenting what life is really like for the manicurists working at the seemingly countless number of nail salons in the New York metropolitan area. The article shone a light on the dodgy at best pay practices of many nail salons, the squalid living conditions of many manicurists and the seeming inability of law enforcement officials to do anything about it. These awful business practices don’t just happen in New York; they’re commonplace around the country. Think about these 12 things nail salons don’t want you to know next time you’re thinking about freshening up your nail polish.