These 11 People’s Reactions to Trying New Things Will Delight You


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Everyone has had a time when they tried something new and felt the shock of what it tasted like especially when they were expecting something else. They will try everything from sour Warhead candy to people going on a roller coaster for the very first time. A new experience is always a delight to watch. You do not want to miss these 12 reaction to people trying out something new for the first time. You will be laughing through every single one of them. Make sure you check out the videos to get the full effect of when people try new things.


1. Kids Eating Warhead Candies for the First Time

Kids Try Eating Warheads Candies for the First Time

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When kids try out new things, it is usually pretty hilarious. This video of children eating the candy Warhead’s for the first time will have you laughing for the entire video clip. If you don’t know this is an extremely sour candy and if you don’t know what to expect it will really startle you. Most of the kids went in knowing it would be sour, but some of the victims of this candy are even little babies, who at first they seemed happy about what they were going to get to try. The looks that come from this candy are hilarious and this is a must see video!




2. 82 Year Old Trying Pop Rocks for the First Time


82 Year Old Tries Pop Rocks for the First Time

Source: RyGuyMedia

Do you remember the sensation of trying Pop Rocks candy for the first time? It starts to fizzle on your tongue and you can’t get enough of it. This 82-year-old woman waited a while to try it out, but the wait was worth it when you see her reaction. She wasn’t really sure how to do it, but of course they helped her out and told her to just dump some in her mouth. This woman loved it as she smiled and yelled out “Oh my gosh!” at her first time to try Pop Rocks candy. She even admitted that at her age she had never even heard of such a thing.



3. Babies See Their Reflection for the First Time


Baby Sees Reflection for the First Time

Source: KidsAreAwesome

When a baby is trying out new things, it is always enjoyable to watch. The babies in this video have found a mirror for the first time and are looking at their own reflection, but they are not sure what to think about it. The first little one in this video actually screams out because he is so shocked by the reflection. When you see a baby giggle at their own reflection in the mirror, you can’t help but laugh. They will do anything they can to reach out and play with that baby on the other side.



4. People Try Eyebrow Threading for the First Time

People try threading for the first time

Source: BuzzFeedVideo

Eyebrow threading is an alternative to getting your eyebrows waxed or tweezed. In this video clip, people are trying it out for the first time. They use a thread and twist it over the skin and hair which then removes the hair. The people in this video laugh, scream out in pain and even have their eyes watering from the pain. You can’t help but laugh watching them get their eyebrows threaded for the first time, but it will also make you probably never want to try this one out yourself. Their eyebrows do look amazing when they are done.



5. Babies Try Lemon for the First Time


Babies try lemon for the first time

Source: FunnyPlox

If you have children, then you have probably thought about putting a lemon in their mouth to see their reaction or have actually done it to the child. Their tiny little faces show that they do not like the sour taste of the lemons and really wish their parents had never done that to them at all. It is hilarious to watch their parents try to get them to try it again, but most of them don’t want any part of it. If you haven’t tried this with your child, as soon as you watch this video you will be rushing out to buy lemons and try it yourself.



6. Kids Try Obscure Foods for the First Time


Kids Trying new Foods for the first time

Source: TedXSydney

Making your children try new foods is good for them, but sometimes children are going to hate what you put in their mouth. The amazing looks that they will give you are priceless and luckily some parents were smart enough to have the cameras rolling when their kids tried things for the first time. This video clip is in slow motion and has the looks that children give you when putting a crazy food in their mouth for the first time. You get scrunched up noses and even a few tongues sticking out. Make sure you watch the expressions these kids make and the slow motion just makes it better.



7. Elders Try Oculus Rift for the First Time


Elders Try Oculus Rift for the First Time

Source: TheFineBros

Oculus Rift is a mask that takes you into a virtual reality. This is a pretty cool game to most adults and children, but elderly people have no idea what this really is and this video shows them checking it out for the first time. One woman is so confused that she thinks they handed her a snorkeling mask. They can’t even tell what they are given and one man thinks it might even be mind control. This group of elderly people do seem to love what is going on though from walking to without using their feet to being able to see all of a gorgeous home that they are walking around in while using the Oculus Rift.



8. Mom’s First Time on a Roller Coaster

Mother's first time on a roller coaster

Source: TitoDiablo

Riding a roller coaster can be a crazy experience if you have never done it before. One mom got her first ride on a roller coaster and the looks on her face are crazy! Of course, someone was smart enough to use a cell phone to get the entire thing. They are lucky they didn’t lose the phone, but the end results with this video was worth taking that chance. As they are going uphill, she handles it all pretty well but that changes quickly as they hit the first downhill slope. Her eyes get big and then at times she even closes them. You can’t help but laugh out loud at this mom’s reaction to her first ride on a roller coaster.



9. Guys Try Drag for the First Time


Guys Try Drag for the First Time

Source: BuzzFeedVideo

This group of guys has decided to try out dressing in drag for the first time and the outcome is pretty great! The best part is watching them learn how to tuck it all in with tape so that nothing manly will be showing for them. This group is called The Try Guys. They did it all and even let them shave their chests so that nothing at all manly would show. They also had to remember not to use their super deep voice. They went all out for their first time in drag and didn’t leave anything out. These guys rocked the makeup and their wigs looking gorgeous with their new drag looks.



10. People Try Durian Fruit for the First Time

People Try Durian Fruit for the First Time

Source: TimidMonster

Durian fruit is a strange fruit that not many people have tried before. It is known to have a terrible smell, which does make it a bit less appealing. This fruit can be very large at times. Some people love this fruit and others hate it. A group of people got the chance to try it out for the first time and their reactions are priceless. The people in this clip are not a fan of the fruit and most of them even try to spit it out. One person did say that it tasted like banana pudding and didn’t seem to hate it, but this woman wasn’t going back for more either.



11. Kids Try Coffee for the First Time

Kids Try Coffee for the First Time

Source: TheHuffingtonPost

Most parents do not let their kids drink coffee so they have no idea what it tastes like. This is an acquired taste and not everyone loves coffee the first time that they try it out. Several kids are given the chance to try coffee in this clip. A few of them have some pretty strong words for the taste including a couple calling it disgusting and another calling it bitter. The looks on their faces are hilarious though as they try out coffee for the first time and realize that this is not something they want to add to their daily routine.