30 Things Younger Than John McCain

Source: Malia Litman

John Sidney McCain was born August 29, 1936. That was way before duct tape, area codes, and the minimum wage. Click next to see 30 more things younger than the U.S. Senator from Arizona.

The Polio Vaccine


Source: Hunna

March 26, 1953 (17 years younger than John McCain)

Dr. Jonas Salk made history after he successfully tested a vaccine against polio.


Mount Rushmore


Source: Jason Patrick Ross

October 31, 1941 (five years younger than John McCain)

Mount Rushmore’s construction started in 1927, but it wasn’t completed in 1941.



Source: Foodio

1943 (seven years after John McCain was born)

Nachos originated from the city of Piedras Negras, Mexico. Ignacio “Nacho” Anaya invented the snack with tortillas and cheese.


Chocolate-Chip Cookies


Source: Natali Zakharova

Invented circa 1938 (John McCain was two when it was invented).

The first cook with a chocolate chip cookie recipe was published in 1938, the same year that John McCain was born.


Social Security


Source: Kim Reinick

Social Security was enacted on January 1, 1940 (4 years after John McCain was born).

The Social Security Act was signed by FDR on August 14, 1935, but the benefits didn’t start until January 1940.


The Zip Code


Source: Andrey Popov

Used by the USPS in 1963 (27 years younger than John McCain)

Zip codes were used by the United States Postal Service in 1963. They started using the ZIP+4 in 1983.




Source: Sciene Photo

First used in 1942 (John McCain went six years without penicillin).

Penicillin was discovered in 1928 by Alexander Fleming, a Scottish scientist, but it wasn’t until 1942 that people began to use it as an antibiotic.




Source: TIME

The first issue with Superman was released June 1938 (two years after John McCain was born).

Superman debuted in Action Comics #1 and was one of the first superhero archetypes appearing in radio, newspaper strips, TV, films, and video games.


The Wizard of Oz


Source: Hello Giggles

Released August 25, 1939 (three years younger than John McCain).

The Technicolor film was the first of its kind and was nominated for six Academy Awards.


Disposable Diapers


Source: Juan Ci

Invented in 1948 (12 years after John McCain stopped using diapers).

The first disposable diaper was invented by Valerie Hunter Gordon. Before the disposable diaper they used wool pants or even rubber pants, but those were found to have poor hygiene.


Mr. Potato-Head


Source: cjmacer

Designed in 1952 (16 years after John McCain was born).

George Lerner developed the patent for Mr. Potato Head and was the first of his toys to be advertised on network television.


The US Air Force


Source: Razihusin

The United States Air Force became a separate military service September 18, 1947 (11 years younger than John McCain).

With the implementation of the National Security Act of 1947, the United States Air Force became its entity. Before 1947, several of its forces were part of the Aeronautical Division, Aviation Section, Air Service, and other organizations.