30 Things Younger Than John McCain

The Pentagon


Source: Frontpage

The Pentagon was completed January 15, 1943 (7 years after John McCain was born).

George Bergstrom with the help of John McShain designed the Pentagon. It was under construction from September 11, 1941, to January 15, 1943.


Jet Engine


Source: Momente

The first design of the jet engine ran March 1937 (one year after John McCain started crawling).

Hans Joachim Pabst von Ohain was the designer of the first operational jet engine. It was his engines that powered the world’s first flyable jet aircraft.




Source: NWHM

Founded 1958 (22 years after John McCain was created).

Dr. Ethel Percy Andrus founded AARP after private health insurance was virtually unavailable to older Americans.


Two-Ply Toilet Paper


Source: Lopolo

Invented in 1942 (six years after John McCain was using standard toilet paper).

The two-ply paper was first introduced by St. Andrews Paper Mill in England. This made toilet paper much softer.


The Golden Gate Bridge


Source: ventdusud

Completed May 28, 1937 (one year after John McCain was born).

The Golden Gate Bridge was under construction January 5, 1933, and took over four years to complete.


The State of Alaska


Source: Ingo70

Officially proclaimed a state January 3, 1959 (23 years after John McCain was born).

One of the last states to join America. Alaska was the 49th state and was bought by the Russian Empire for $7.2 million.


Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich


Source: baibaz

PB&J sandwiches didn’t start appearing until the 1940s (at least four years after John McCain was born).

There had never been any mention of PB&J sandwiches until the presliced bread was invented in 1928. But adding peanut butter and jelly between two slices didn’t start becoming the norm until the 1940s.


Ballpoint Pen


Source: Olena Rudenko

Ballpoint pens “created” in 1945 (9 years younger than John McCain).

A Hungarian inventor in Argentina created made history with his pens, although the idea was created back in the 1800s.


Car Automatic Transmission


Source: Yuyangc

First cars with the automatic transmissions sold in the 1940s (four years after John McCain).

The automatic transmission was developed by two Brazilian engineers named Jose Braz Araripe and Fernando Lehly Lemos. They sold the plans to General Motors who used it in their cars in 1940.


Hindenburg Disaster


Source: Everett Historical

May 6, 1937 (one year after John McCain was born).

The German passenger ship caught fire and was destroyed while attempting to dock with its mooring mast at a Naval Air Station in Manchester Township, New Jersey.


First TV Commercial


Source: QZ

July 1, 1941 (John McCain was probably able to watch the first TV commercial).

Before the first pitch between the Brooklyn Dodgers and the Philadelphia Phillie in New York, the first true TV commercial aired in the United States.


Seeing Eye Dogs


Source: Jeroen van den Broek

The headquarters for the campus for seeing eye dogs in 1965 (29 years after John McCain was born).

Harrison Eustis helped to spread the word about the seeing eye dogs and they finally based their headquarters in Morris Township, New Jersey.


Crest Toothpaste


Source: Crest

Introduced in 1955 (19 years after John McCain needed to brush his teeth).

Crest was first introduced to the United States in 1953 but wasn’t named Crest until 1955.


Football Helmets


Source: David Lee

Became mandatory 1939 (3 years after John McCain would have needed one).

Helmets were part of football since 1888 but it wasn’t until 1939 that they were a mandatory piece of equipment.


Radial Tires


Source: light poet

Commercialized in 1948 (12 years after John McCain was born).

First invented by Arthur W. Savage in 1915, they weren’t advertised until Michelin developed and patented the product in 1948.




Source: Cross Talk

Introduced to the public in 1944 (8 years after McCain was presented to the public).

Studies on the effects of histamines and antihistamines were conducted by Henry Dale and Patrick Playfair Laidlaw. Daniel Bovet conducted thousands of experiments to produce the first usable antihistamines which were introduced to the public in 1944.


Tonka Toys


Source: YouTube

Founded in 1946 (10 years after John McCain stopped playing with toys).

Tonka is an American producer of toy trucks which was created in 1946 by Lynn Everett Baker.


Duct Tape


Source: Duck Brand

Invented by 1942 (6 years younger than John McCain).

Duct Tape was actually called “duck” tape and was invented during World War II. They used it for everything from repairing broken windows to making temporary bandages.