Virtual Reality: The Evolution of Industry

Source: WSJ

There is no denying that entertainment technology is advancing at an insanely fast and exciting pace. Every year there seems to be a new TV that you have to have or an upgraded game console that does it all and does it better. From OLED to that giant curved thing, you have to keep up! Maybe it is time to stop going bigger and think up close and personal.

Virtual reality isn’t a new idea. In fact, people have been searching for ways to immerse themselves in entertainment for centuries. The term itself was coined in 1987, and technology for the entertainment industry has been evolving toward virtual reality ever since . There have been close attempts in the past, but many crashed and burned a few decades ago. In 2012, the Oculus Rift gave us high hopes and has since been on the VR radar. It may just be that 2016 is the year Rift and other VR adaptations start their revolution, bringing millions of VR sets into US homes. Just look at Samsung. Their Gear VR set, which is powered by Oculus, was released recently and heavily advertised. They have been offering deals for the headset with the purchase of the new S7, and have you seen that highly emotional commercial they released? Who wouldn’t want to try that!

So whether you’re a techie who is way ahead of everyone and already playing some of the top VR games like “Adr1ft” or “The Climb”, or you’re just finding out about all of this, you can probably take that TV off your Christmas list and ask for one of the best VR sets like Playstation VR, Meta 2, or even Google Cardboard. Quality, affordable virtual reality is actual reality now.