10 Weirdest Niche Dating Sites On The Internet

comedic unusual delivery boy offering pizza to girl

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Are you looking for love in all the wrong places? If you’ve been to these websites, you probably have. The internet has always found a way of appealing to the masses and trying to lure in lonely individuals based on their specific needs. These are 10 of the weirdest niche dating sites that have popped up on the internet.


1. Women Behind Bars

Caucasian female behind bars in a jail cell

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“Prison inmates are in desperate need of friends on the outside!”

Originally started by a father to get penpals to write to his daughter while she was incarcerated.


2. Tall Friends

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“Here you could mingle with tall singles, tall beautiful women, tall handsome men and those tall people admirers!”

Obviously, these people are trying to create a giant subspecies of humans who will tower over all other humans.


3. STD Match

Close up of a woman in pain with hands holding her crotch lower abdomen colored in red inflammation isolated on gray wall background

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“Got an STD? Join today, be dating again tomorrow!”

When you can’t wait to do it, but still taking antibiotics to get rid of that chlamydia.


4. Mouse Mingle

Lydia Bright aka Lydia Rose Bright at Volunt-ears with Mickey Mouse at Disney Store for Red Nose day, London. 14/02/2013 Picture by: Henry Harris

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“The place to connect people who love Disney and who want that same magic in their relationship.”

Because your family is sick of you watching Frozen for the 800th time, they gave you this link. Hopefully, you find someone and can both move out of your parents house and have Disney children together.


5. Sugar Daddy For Me

Closeup portrait of attractive happy woman asking for money from pensive senior mature, old man hesitant to dole out dollars to her from brown wallet, isolated on white background. Negative emotions

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“World’s largest sugar daddy dating site!”

At least, these men know what they’re in for. Some of the profiles of these women say that they’re sassy, but that’s just because they’re in it for the money and wondering why you aren’t dead yet.


6. Diaper Mates

Chav man weared as baby

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“Diaper Lover Personals.”

Love adult men in diapers, then you definitely want to meet up with these guys. They range from men with uncontrollable bowel movements, to full on man babies. Save their mother’s from the a lifetime of servitude to these needy children.


7. The Ugly Bug Ball

Young man hugging his girlfriend with a paper bag over her head. In a diner.

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“…dating for the aesthetically average.”

When you know you aren’t that pretty and you aren’t expecting as much either.


8. Vampersonals

glamorous portrait of a pair of vampire lovers

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“#1 Dating site for vampire & gothic personals.”

For people who have to keep telling their parents, “it’s not a phase!”


9. Furry Mate

People In Furry Costume

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“Meet your purrfect furry match today.”

People into anthropomorphic animals characters. People who love the feeling of animal fur, or don’t want to go to jail for doint it with a donkey.


10. Marry Me Already

Angry bride with knife in hand about to smash piggy bank

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“Find a husband, find a wife, find the love of your life!”

For spinsters who realized their biological clock is going to stop ticking any second.